Monday, March 31, 2008

the war and diapers

today i taught my kids about the vietnam lottery draft of 1969 and we played a game that simulated the draft. i drafted them by the month of their birthday rather than the actual date of their birthday like the real draft (12 slots is easier than 366). then we looked at their classification cards and decided who gets a deferment and who goes to 'nam. they were all surprised to realize that there is no draft today... everyone who is in the military today is there voluntarily. funny how juniors in high school don't understand the differences in today's war and vietnam. yeah, our war is sad, but at least people aren't forced to fight in it.

on a lighter note, avery's days are still pretty well consumed with diapering every two-legged (although sometimes she attempts four-legged) thing in the house. one night a few weeks ago, she tried to diaper tatum (although she's only 10 months old, she doesn't take anything off avery). since that didn't work, she laid on the floor and for probably 20 minutes worked on diapering herself. finally she stood up and was so proud of herself, she said "see, mama, tatum's diapers DO fit me". here's a picture of her conquest.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

my little heckler

the pictures above were at bear creek park last week. brian let avery steer the car around the park since there weren't many people around. she also learned where the horn was and that occupied her attention more than steering. poor tatum is still in the backward-facing car seat, and i can only imagine what the poor girl was thinking while avery was driving the car!!!

at brian's baseball game yesterday, we were playing our rival, so there were lots of fans and some very loud high school boys sitting down the row from us heckling. avery just watched them very carefully for the first few innings, and i wondered what she thought about all that. finally, around the 6th inning, she cupped her mouth with her hands (she's never done this before - she just learned it from the boys) and yelled in her little voice "You don't know what you're doing out there!". i told brian about it afterwards and he nearly fell out of his chair laughing. i still chuckle every time i think about it.

tatum, by the way, loves the games. she just crawls up to the fence, pulls up on it, and watches the game from her little vantage point. i rarely have to scold her, except when she tries to eat old peanut shells.

Saturday, March 29, 2008


decided to start a blog today. have wanted to, but just didn't think i had much to say. today i have something to say. at FCA on thursday, the kids showed a Godtube clip of a drama to the song Everything from Lifehouse. I almost broke down there, but it's been in my head all weekend. Pulled out my Lifehouse CD today and allowed myself to break down in the privacy of my house.

that Jesus took all my past sins and humilitations and willingly suffered so i could be free from them - how can that not move me? i chose the title because i truly feel that although my life is nowhere near what i want it to be, HE is everything - how could it be any better than this?

By the way, it is definately worth watching on Godtube. i'll try to figure out how to post it.