Monday, August 30, 2010

thoughts on the first week

here's my random thoughts on the first week of school...

my classes are small. 2nd period only has 10 kids in it. two of my classes are special ed. that is going to be tough, simply b/c i'm not good with low expectations and that is what we're expected to do for them. i do have a good co-teacher this year for my sp.ed. kids so that will be a great help. one my students is autistic, very sweet and polite, but hard to know when to let him talk and when to politely interrupt him and get on with the lesson. i genuinely like my students. i love getting hugs in the hallway from my former students who are now seniors and ruling the school. FCA starts this week and i am feeling excited yet overwhelmed about that since i am the only sponsor this year. feeling emotionally drained with all the smiling, hugging, asking questions, being kind and polite... ready to get on with the year so i can be less outgoing. that doesn't sound how i wanted it to, but i know what i mean. our pastor preached a sermon that was just for me on sunday... matthew 9: 9-12... to paraphrase, he called matthew to follow him then went to eat in matthew's house with all the tax collectors and sinners. the pharisees weren't having that and passed judgement on Him. Jesus told them it isn't the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. now go and learn what it means that I desire mercy more than sacrifice. God spoke to me through that. I have been so used to my Christian friends all summer with playdates and bible study, etc, that is has been a bit of an emotional shock to get back to the world of "sinners" and all the things that drag people down. I needed the reminder that Jesus ate with sinners. He didn't preach at them there, he just sat and ate a meal with them. That is good stuff. It is a blessing to have non-Christian friends... some people don't have a one.

being such a good sport with volleyball season. teaching two upper level "K" classes this year. also the world history team leader at his school. wondering if this might be his last year coaching/teaching (we're praying he can get an assistant principal job next year). he has good classes too. when he comes home, he & avery have been building some pretty inventive railroad tracks for her trains. changing the poopy diapers at night for me... God will bless him. puts all three girls in our shower each night and hoses them down before he puts them in their PJs and tells them a story. i sometimes forget what a great dad he is because we are both so busy completing all the chores that go along with having three little blessings... he is a blessing to me and i am so grateful for his laid-back, patient personality that makes my crazy, easily stressed personality more stable.

you wouldn't know she started kindergarten last week. she is so laid-back (just like her daddy). she had a great week, but could only tell me about it if i happened to ask the perfect specific question. today she told me about the class bunny "patches" and she went on for 10 minutes about it, so i guess you just have to pick the right topic. we did have homework this past weekend, it was to find out the special meaning/history of her entire name. so that was a fun project. avery means "wise counselor", elizabeth means "consecrated to God" and kratky is the czechoslavakian word for "short", which is kinda funny b/c brian's dad is 6'4" and he and his brothers are all over 6 feet tall. anyway, her top left tooth has been hanging by a thread for a week now, but she will not let us pull it. that is the one thing she is not laid-back about. right now the two little ones are napping and avery is playing with her trains. she is having a conversation with thomas the train and tinkerbell. she is also using a british accent right now and she occasionally breaks out into song. she is very creative... when thomas came to a place in the tracks where they weren't connected, i wondered what thomas would do? well, avery grabbed tinkerbell and sprinkled fairy dust on thomas so he could fly over the broken track and get back to firm footing. i could not help the chuckle that came out. she is a unique creation and a gift from God.

tatum & laney
they both start T/Th preschool this week so i don't really have an update on them since they haven't started, but i think they both will love it. they will go to the same school that avery is going to for kinder, so i think they will all enjoy being down the hall from each other. i met their teachers last week and they are great. God bless them for teaching these little ones... i'm pretty sure i couldn't do it.

oh, and the littlest one is due to arrive around march 20, 2011! we praise the Lord for the gift of another baby for our family. if i can just make it through the next week or two, i'm hopeful that the yuckies will be gone and i will be a happy preggo mama again!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Day of Kindergarten

My big girl started Kindergarten today. I have so many things I would like to write about this, but my eyelids are not agreeing to stay up long enough to write them tonight.

I am so proud of you, Avery!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Kindle Visit

We had so much fun hanging out with our sweet friends, the Kindle's, the last couple days. Jennifer and I met in a tennis class my freshman year at Texas A&M. Who would have thought that 12 years later, our seven kids and two husbands would all enjoy each other so much!

Laney - 1, Brett - 6, Kate - 2, Crew - 4, Tatum - 3,
Parker - 8, and Avery - 5

My bets are on Crew and Tatum getting married someday... can't you just see the cuteness of that little couple? I just can't say enough about this family and how much we love them. God has taught me so much through Jennifer's stand for Christ and she & Brandon making their family be set apart for Christ regardless of what anyone thinks. Brian & I always learn something good when we're around them. They always (without knowing it) challenge us in some area, and it's always refreshing to be around them. A breathe of fresh air, that's what the Kindle family is.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Crazy Hair Day

Today was crazy hair day at church for the kids so we had some fun making lots of tiny ponytails this morning. They were so proud of themselves. Tatum's Sunday school teacher told me today she is a "gem." I agree.