Monday, June 15, 2009

Summer Fun!

I feel like I have been so out of touch lately. I have been having blogging withdrawals, and today I am going to TRY to catch up the life of this homeless family of 5.

Here's what we've been up to lately.

~ Laney turned 5 months old! She is rolling over, giggling at her sisters & their friends, sleeping through the night (I love not seeing the hour of 4:00 AM anymore!) and weighing around 16 pounds (it's all in her cheeks)! Her favorite pasttimes are staring at her momma, eating, kicking her feet as hard & as high as possible, eating, sucking the life out of her paci and did I mention eating?? She is pure sugar and we are all amazed at her sweet little life.

~ Tatum is potty training!!! She wears her Cinderella pull-ups proudly and never fails to put tee-tee in the potty when we sit her on it. However, she is still making Cinderella be dressed in yellow several times a day, so I don't think we're quite ready to try big girl panties yet.

~ Avery is in love with swimming and all things water. She will be starting her first round of swimming lessons in a couple weeks and I think she will pick it up quickly. We are in the pool several times a week so she is comfortable in the water, she just needs to learn how to swim. She & I are starting Hooked on Phonics together and I'm excited about the fun we will have doing it.

~ We celebrated our 8th anniversary! Hopefully next year we can actually go somewhere by ourselves, but this year since we're saving every dime for our down payment and Laney is pretty attached to me, we just spent some time in SA shopping and hanging out with my family.

~ We sold our Chamberlain house to a sweet young couple with a 9-month old baby girl. I am excited for them and happy that another little girl will get to have some fun times in that house & yard. We are supposed to get to move into our new house one week from today, but every one I've talked to says that since the market has picked up, most closings are pushed back a few days, so we are just hoping we can move in by the end of next week. CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!

~ We just got back from visiting our dear friends, the Kindle's, in Grand Saline! Jennifer is an awesome cook and we had so much fun watching all 7 of our kids play, eating great meals, and putting the kids to bed early so we could watch some good movies. I have not gotten to watch any movies since Laney was born so I really enjoyed that. They moved into their new home about a year ago and have updated it & decorated it so beautifully it could be in a magazine! Brian & I got alot of good ideas from them that we hope to copy and do in our new home. Thanks again for the great weekend, Jennifer! I haven't been able to find my camera, so I might steal some of your pictures if you post some from our weekend.

~ Brian started summer school today. He teaches an entire semester in 12 days. Then gets two weeks off, then teaches the 2nd semester in another 12 days. That's it!

~ We re-joined the Y last week. I love their splash pad. That alone is worth it. And we both hope to start working out again. We'll see about that one.

~ Okay, I'm about to delete all those sweet things I wrote about Laney at the beginning of this post! She is so tired right now, but is refusing to let herself fall asleep!!! All her fussing is waking up her big sisters, so my blogging time is officially over.

Hopefully I can post some pictures soon!