Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas parties and 9 months for Bo

What a full December we have had! I am thankful that most of my Christmas shopping was done during October and November, so by the time December got here, I was pretty much done with shopping and I could relax and enjoy all the fun events we've been a part of... Christmas parties at the girls' schools, Christmas programs, Craft night, looking at Christmas lights, baking and giving edible gifts to people, collecting donations for the needy in Houston, playing with friends we don't get to see very much, etc.

Tatum & Laney were very excited to celebrate Christmas at their little preschool. Laney's class had made special reindeer shirts with their footprint and two handprints. She looked so precious in her little handmade shirt!

Tatum loved getting to meet Santa. She gave him a big hug and told him what she wanted for Christmas.
Laney was terrified of him. This was about as close as her teacher could get her to Santa. Notice all the kids standing around looking at him and Laney clinging to her teacher for dear life. Her teacher had specifically asked us not to "rescue" our kids if they started crying, but to let the teachers try to calm them down. So I stood there with my camera and tried really hard not to laugh as I watched Mrs. Martin try to pry Laney's fingers off her clothes. In the end, Laney's class did get their picture taken with Santa, but she was sitting in Mrs. Martin's lap, a very safe distance away from Santa.

Tatum did a great job painting her Christmas tree ornament.
Laney calmed down once lunch arrived and enjoyed her pretzels and pizza.
They each got a new book in their party bags as well as gifts from their teachers and art work they had done.
I love this excited look on Laney's face when she pulled out these two presents from her party bag. One was from her to us for Christmas and one was for her from her teachers.
We got this pumpkin costume in one of the boxes of hand-me-downs we just received. Tatum was all over it, even though it was a size 12-24 months, Tatum strapped the whole costume on and wore it most of one day. I don't want to post immodest pictures of my girls, which is why I am only posting the headshot below, but just for humor sake, picture long, bare-legged Tatum with a baby's pumpkin costume strapped on, prancing around the house. This girl knows she is cute and funny, and makes the most of every opportunity to make us laugh.

Avery with the see-saw statue in front of her school
Avery loves Mrs. Van Pelt... she has been such a blessing to Avery and our family. This was at her school Christmas program... she is wearing the beautiful dress my mom made for her two Christmasas ago, which was a little big for her then, but fits her beautifully now. She looked like a Christmas present!
Tatum can entertain herself forever with puzzles, legos, blocks, etc. She came up with this idea of making lots of little Christmas trees with her blocks and she was very proud to show me her beautiful project.
Bodie just couldn't handle playing Groovy Girls any longer, so he passed out right in the middle of the floor amongst them. Poor guy, he is destined to spend much of his childhood surrounded with pink, baby dolls, dress up dolls, and all things princess.
The girls in their head coverings acting out the Christmas story, starring Tatum as Mary, Laney as "Jofis" (as Laney calls him) and Avery as the angel Gabriel.

Yesterday our little man turned 9 months! This first year of his life is flying by too fast! He is still in the 90th percentile for his size, measuring 29.75 inches and 23.5 pounds.
Back when Tatum was a baby, Brian's Grandma Kratky sent us this elf costume from NY... each year, one of the kids is just the right size to wear it, so this year it's Bodie's turn.

I am in love with his new toothy smile... one on the top, two on the bottom and many more all over his mouth seem to be very close to surfacing.
He looks angry, but he's actually laughing really hard here...
Such a precious, funny, cuddly little boy
The boys in the family sure are growing up! Matty (our nephew) turned ONE on Sunday and this was at his birthday party. Bodie is 9 months and Tyson is 8 months. We all just gather around and watch these 3 little boys play together... right now they all just sit (Matthew can crawl, but he is still pretty easy to keep in one place).. but next Christmas will probably be quite different with the three of them running around together.
This week we are enjoying lots of together time, which has also been an opportunity for our sanctification. But we are thankful for the ways God has gently led us and taught us and how even now He is revealing hidden things to us as we seek Him in all the details of our lives.

I've been studying Daniel lately, so I'll close with Daniel's song of worship after God revealed to him King Neb's dream and it's interpretation:

"Blessed be the name of God, forever and ever.
He knows all, does all: He changes the seasons and guides history,
He raises up kings and also brings them down,
He provides both intelligence and discernment,
He opens up the depths, tells secrets,
sees in the dark - light spills out of Him!
God of all my ancestors, all thanks! all praise!
You made me wise and strong.
And now you've shown us what we asked for.
You've solved the king's mystery."

May our Sovereign God reveal hidden things to you this Christmas!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Bodie - 8 (and a half) months

Here's our 8 month old... now already half way to being 9 months!
The adoring sisters are always wanting to entertain him and make him laugh...
he is a blessed little guy, for sure. Laney likes to call him "Bodie Lukey" and he always gives them the biggest smile when they say any form of his name.
At 8.5 months, Bo, you are cutting two bottom teeth and at least one top tooth... I think the other top one is coming very soon too. You are wanting to crawl so bad, but right now you only get up on all fours and rock back & forth, then bellyflop to the ground again. Thankfully you have a pretty long reach and can grab things way farther away than I would expect. You can also roll around to get across the room and you also like to scoot backwards to get places. Your hair is growing longer so it doesn't stick up anymore :( and your eyes have turned into a very pretty shade of blueish-brown. You have become a great sleeper the past few weeks (finally!)... you go to bed around 8 and wake up around 6:30 - 7. You still take a short morning nap, about 1 hour, but you take a LONG afternoon nap, which is wonderful. Yesterday it was 4 hours! But usually it's around 3 hours. You wear 18 month clothes because you are such a tall boy already. Your little face and eyes light up when your daddy gets home from work. You and he already have some deep manly understanding of each other. It's precious. But when you are upset or hungry or tired or just bored, you are so happy to see your mama walk in the room. The crying stops, you get a big grin on your face, and you start to flap your arms like you're trying to fly up to meet me. You have started singing in the car with the rest of the choir... sometimes we all go silent so we can hear your beautiful grunts and ga-gas. You are eating 3 meals a day, although not always with the rest of us. Some of your favorites are carrots, yogurt, applesauce, oatmeal, pears, squash and bananas. You are loving the new-found freedom of finger foods, and we are loving it too. You are a joy to our family and we all think you are the sweetest little boy ever.