Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Last Sunday was a special day for our family. All four grandparents - Papa & Nana and Grandad & Gigi - and Uncle Brandon & Aunt Adriana joined us at our church for Avery's baptism. Brian was so excited that morning. He and Avery both could hardly wait for church to start. I didn't get a picture of the actual baptism because I was video-taping, but here they are right before church started.
We all enjoyed Chuy's for lunch that day. Papa & Nana gave Avery a new Bible cover with little tabs to put on the pages so she can find the books easier. She loves carrying her Bible around and flipping through her Bible so easily with the tabs, highlighting all her favorite verses with her new highlighters. Gigi & Grandad gave her a beautiful James Avery cross necklace engraved with AEK, 10-26-11 (the day she accepted Christ) and John 3:16 (her favorite verse). She has worn it every day since she got it.

I'm very late to post some pics of my cuties on Halloween. We decided to "light the night" from our driveway this year. It was the best Halloween we've had. Brian carved "God Listens" into one of our pumpkins and we taped stickers to all our candy that said "Taste and see that the Lord is good." The girls played in the driveway all evening while we visited with neighbors. It was such a great night. Praise God for taking back an evil holiday to bring glory to His name. Hallowed be Thy Name!
Here's the two Buzz Lightyears

Minnie Mouse
Our table we set up on our driveway with our pumpkins, the "Pumpkin Gospel" book and our candy. The girls also used the table to paint with their water colors. Brian gets credit for the sign! :)
Here's Cinderella, Jessie, Buzz and Minnie Mouse
Cinderella & Minnie painting on the driveway.
Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends and family!
We hope to see lots of you over this holiday season!