Thursday, February 24, 2011

February Fun

Avery celebrated "100 day" last week at school, meaning she has completed 100 days of Kindergarten! She had to do a 100 day project, where she had to come up with a collection of 100 things, count them and group them either by 10's or 20's and take them to school. We decided to do tea party stuff and God is so good to me... when we started counting the different items, I kid you not, we had exactly 20 teacups, 20 utensils, 20 plates/bowls, so then we just decided to add a stack of 20 pink napkins and 20 straws... there's our 100 items! The picture above is of Avery with our 100 day project and below with her 100 crown and 100 cupcake!

Laney loves her pretzels!
Avery and Lucas... she is struggling with the decision of whether or not to marry Lucas. He has already asked her to marry him (notice they are holding hands in this picture), but there is another little boy in her class that she likes too. I told her that most people don't have to decide in Kindergarten who they are going to marry, so she should be able to hold off on that decision for a few more years. This was at Lucas' birthday party. As we were walking out, his mom ran over to me and said "Wait! Lucas really wants to get his picture taken with Avery before you leave!" So, here it is...

I can't believe our baby boy is going to be here in less than a month! We are completely ready for his arrival so he can come anytime he decides to now. My doctor said Tuesday that I am 1 cm dilated and his head has already dropped, so we are making progress. I have been having alot more contractions with him than I had with my girls, but I'm trying not to get my hopes up that he will come early. The girls were all induced, so I'm guessing we might need to force him out too, but I've also heard boys are different from Day 1... so I guess we will see what happens.

Avery took this picture of me at her Mom & Me Valentines Tea last week. I'm wearing the corsage she made for me.
Here's the beautiful delicious dessert she helped prepare for me.
I got to go to Tatum's Valentine party at school too, and here she is dancing with her friend Jade.
This girl loves her cookies with sprinkles! She also likes to remind me daily that she has "back teeth" and she likes to tell me which foods are good for her back teeth and which foods hurt her back teeth. I think she decided the cookies were good for them. Tatum is constant entertainment.
Here's Laney reading with her sweet teacher on Valentines' Day. She didn't really have a party this year, but she did get to bring home a bag full of treats from her friends!
Baseball season is in full swing, and so far the Eagles are doing pretty well. They have tournaments for the next 3 weekends, then they start district games. I can't say my attitude has been drastically better this season, in fact, at times it's definitely been worse, but I do feel encouraged that he is where he should be for now and we are trusting God that He will move him in His time. We are praying for an AP (assistant principal) job next year for Brian and a year off work for me! We are called to a life of faith but how can we practice that if we never step out in acts of faith? So we're praying and seeking God's will for our jobs next year. It will be exciting to see what He does.