Saturday, January 12, 2013

Laney's 4th Birthday

Tomorrow is the actual day, but we've been celebrating all week. We started with her very first haircut.

 She loves her new cut. We loved her beautiful long hair, but were ready for a change. We are enjoying how easy it is to wash and brush, and I'm having fun doing lots of cute short hair hairstyles with her. Like cute pigtails!

We met our friend Hallie at the park and had cupcakes with her, since she was going away the night of Laney's party.
 Laney really wanted a slumber party for her 4th birthday. It just so happened our church was having a preschool fun night the same night as her party, so we loaded up our crew as well as cousin Tara and friends Rylin & Selah and had a blast dancing and eating French fries with the GiGl team at church.

Then we came home and had a tea party, cupcakes, dress ups, karaoke, and watched movies. I was amazed only one fell asleep watching movies. The rest stayed up until 12:45AM, when I finally decided it was time to get into beds.

 To add to the excitement of the evening, Tatum lost her 4th tooth!
 This morning, we played more dress ups & painted nails. The big girls orchestrated a re-enactment of Cinderella. Then we got dressed and played on the driveway.

 This new trike was Laney's birthday present from us. She also got a new Cinderella that lights up, an Abby Cadabra tea set,, a princess memory game, and Tinkerbell movie.
We love you, sweet Laney!