Friday, August 12, 2011

just a few giggles

bodie sporting a tiara above and the culprits below

bekah and i have been friends ever since we were babies. our moms were good friends and when we were born, we just kept the friendship going. bekah, her mom rhonda, and her sweet little aubrey came to visit us last week. we had so much fun talking and catching up, and my girls had so much fun getting to have aubrey play with them.

i have known these sweet girls my entire life (except aubrey :)), and i am so excited for bekah to be welcoming baby #2 in january. i can't wait to find out if aubrey is getting a baby brother or sister!

photography by avery: tatum waking up from nap

bodie loving his johnny jump up
avery & laney playing dress up

me & bo having our nap in the recliner... i LOVE this time of day. i usually have an hour or so while laney is napping and avery & tatum play quietly in the gameroom. laney comes down after her nap and usually snuggles with me for a few minutes before she goes about her business.
sweet happy smile
so excited it's time for rice cereal

avery starts 1st grade on tuesday. i am excited for her, but i will miss her so much around the house during the day. i met her teacher last night and i am sure she is just the right one for avery, an answer to prayer.

tatum has had several run-ins with tables and chairs lately, causing two big scars on her head. she is a hard worker and has an amazing drive to win, so i guess those things are just going to happen when you are a busy, determined 4-year old.

laney is potty trained! wahoo! she has put up the biggest fight of all the girls, but we have finally arrived and i am so thankful. with panties instead of diapers on, she can also fit into her clothes that had been getting too tight. an added blessing!

bodie is sleeping better (we had a very rough time a couple weeks ago with him waking up all night), getting up around 4am to eat, then sleeping until 7 or so. he is the happiest little guy, always smiling and laughing. he is eating rice cereal and getting a big bottle of formula at night to help him sleep longer. he is rolling from back to tummy, but he can't get back to his back, so he just cries until we turn him back over. he is reaching for things and he puts his arms around your neck when you hold him, like he's giving you a hug. his hair is still spiky and we get lots of comments on it. at his 4 month check up, our doctor estimated him to have a growth potential of 6'2", which made brian very happy. there is alot of sweet bonding between he and the girls and it is a blessing to my heart.

brian has been back to work several weeks. he is enjoying it, very busy with lots of new responsibilities, but very happy and content there.

i am super happy to not be going back to work next week, but honestly sad to not be meeting a whole new group of students. that's always the best part of teaching, getting to meet all your sweet new babies each year. the first couple weeks of school they are angelic. i have been thinking alot about all the students i've taught over the years and what a privilege it was to be a part of their lives. God is so good and i am so grateful He doesn't always give me what i want, but He gives me what is best for me. so i am rejoicing that this is what is best for me right now!