Sunday, March 25, 2012

Beginning to walk...

Bodie took his first steps yesterday, at one year and 3 days old. He started out the morning taking two steps and falling into me. But we kept practicing. Every time he made it a few steps to me without sitting down or falling over, I raised him up in the air and we all cheered for him, and he thought he was the champion of the world. By last night, he could go about 6 steps on his own! I'm so excited for him... mostly because I know he will enjoy getting to be a part of what the girls do, but also because it will give my poor arms a break from carrying him everywhere!

This past Wednesday was his 1st birthday. Since we already celebrated his birthday before, we didn't do much on the actual day, except I did make chocolate chip muffins for breakfast. He had two smash cakes for his birthday. We did one in SA with my family last week.

Then we did one with Brian's family here in Houston.

He is one lucky boy, getting two birthday parties! He enjoyed both thoroughly. Our girls didn't dive into their 1st birthday cakes nearly as eagerly and aggressively as he did. They were dainty and delicate with theirs.

Tatum (She barely touched her cake!)

and Laney...

We had a great spring break. We drove to Aggieland to see a baseball game in the new Blue Bell Park there. They now have the option of lawn seats, which are on either side of the bleacher seats. It was so fun to just sit on our big blanket and watch the game and let the kids roll down the hill and play. The Aggies didn't play very well, but it was a fun experience. We got some Layne's after the game and drove around a little bit. We drove by my old apartment and Brian told the girls that was where he kissed me for the first time. Tatum said, "So you got married there?!?" Ha! We'll save the conversation about kissing for a later date. For now, we'll let them think you kiss for the first time when you get married!
On our way out to College Station, we passed by our spot where we always take our bluebonnet pictures, so Brian suggested we get out and take some. Bodie was a pretty good sport and we got a few cute ones, but the crazy lady in me does wish their outfits coordinated better. :)

We also went to San Antonio for a few days to help celebrate my Paw Paw's 90th birthday. My cousin and his family live out in the country on a beautiful piece of land covered with bluebonnets. It was such a fun night, catching up with all my cousins, aunts & uncles. I got to thinking about Paw Paw... I wonder how it must feel to look around at a large group of people and know that all of them are there because of you... not just to celebrate you, but because they were all birthed by you, or married to someone birthed by you. It made me miss my MeMe so much. I came back to Houston and cherished my photos of my grandparents. I spent an entire quiet time last week just crying out to God because I miss them so much.

Paw Paw and Bodie, born 89 years and 4 days apart.
These bluebonnets put our Houston ones to shame. Here's my mom with the kids. My sis-in-law took some family photos of us at this same spot, so I'm hoping we will have a "keeper" of the 6 of us from this spot.
Here's my two cowgirls practicing their "Yee-haw."
And Bo trying on Daddy's cowboy boots.

We were invited to throw out the first pitch at the Cy Falls home opener a few weeks ago. Brian was so excited to be back at the field. Although we are both glad Brian is where he is now and no longer coaching high school sports, we do miss the family at Cy Falls. Brian will always be an "Eagle" deep down inside, no matter where he works.

Last time we were here, this boy was kicking at my ribs, eager to meet the world. Brian was very proud to introduce him to all the teachers and kids we saw.
Our sweet friend, Ms. Evelyn, brought the girls a goody bag to enjoy during the game, complete with M&M's (all in Tatum's teeth!) and bunny ear masks, which they wore proudly most of the game.
We are enjoying our 3 new pets... Camo, Dot & Spike. We adopted them as a result of one of Brian's fishing adventures. This is them the first night he brought them home. I can't believe how much they've grown in the past month! They are almost twice as big now. They live in a much bigger tank now in our schoolroom and they do a good job of entertaining us. Camo is not afraid of us, but when any of us put our face right up to the glass next to Dot or Spike, they jump off their rocks into the water and swim to the opposite side of the tank. They are amazing little creatures, designed by an amazing Creator.

Here's our official birthday photo of Bodie on March 21, 2012, his 1st birthday.

I still sometimes pinch myself because it's so amazing and fun to have a little boy.

We went to a nursing home a few weeks back to "play with" the residents... we did a little craft and played ball with them... they sat in their wheelchairs in a circle and they could either kick or hit the beach ball to anyone else in the circle. Tatum was the queen of that game. Anyway, I was sitting next to one sweet lady named Lois... the girls were around me and Bodie was sitting on my lap facing her and reaching his hands out to her. She started crying and told me, "You have a million bucks."

That scene has played over in my head a hundred times. I can still hear her voice saying those words. It's true. I do have a million bucks. I may not have much money, but my children are gifts from God and they do make me so wealthy. I am rich with hugs from little arms and kisses from little puckered lips, colored pictures and drawings that say "Mama" on them, wilting flowers from our backyard given to me with love, four sets of little eyes that light up when they see me, four little voices that call me "Mama"... I am richly blessed indeed.

"Thanks be to God for His inexpressible gift!" 2 Cor. 9:15