Sunday, September 14, 2014

More catching up...

One more highlight of our summer was swim team! This was our 3rd season. Each year we've added one kid to the team and this year it was Laney.
This is our favorite coach. She taught Laney how to swim last summer and this summer she got Bodie swimming across the pool all by himself! Hopefully he will join the team next summer.
Here's all our Copperfield Dolphins. The sweet team store lady even had a onesie made for Sadie that had a big green C on it. She wore it proudly to all the meets.
Between races, there is plenty of time to be goofy. Tatum came over to our tent to show me that her Ariel's head had fallen off, but no worries - she has been resurrected with a huge Tatum head!
 This Daddy loves his baby girl and she lights up when he talks to her.

Another fun random summer story... We happened upon 4 baby cottontail bunnies at a newly constructed park near our house. They were hopping all around the playground equipment when we got there. Our girls and friends quickly caught them and convinced me we needed to keep them as pets. So we brought them home with us and I started researching how to care for cottontails. Well, it turns out all the internet sites I found advised not to keep them as pets, as it could be fatal to them. So we went back that night and let the bunnies go into the wooded area near the park. We felt sad leaving them there, almost like we were abandoning babies in the woods, but as soon as we walked away, we looked back and saw several larger rabbits and mice running all around, so we felt like our bunnies would find their mama soon.

My parents blessed us with our own piano! My mom has been teaching Avery and Tatum on Skype for over a year now. They have both improved so much and they both love to play. My mom felt like our digital piano just didn't do justice to the beautiful songs the girls were learning to play so she came to Houston one day to go piano shopping and found us this beauty! It was delivered late one night, which is why the girls are in their PJ's. The sound is so beautiful! I love to hear it throughout the day.
Another fun memory that I didn't get a picture of was our week in San Antonio. Avery and Tatum went to His Hill day camp for the week and my mom and I kept the 3 little ones busy all day long shopping, swimming, napping and playing. Those naps we took in the afternoons were so sweet. All of us passed out for a couple hours each day, even Laney. It was the week right before we started back to school, so it was nice to be away from home that week to get my mind off school stuff.
Next time, all about our adventures in getting back into school ...


Jennifer Kindle said...

yay!! 2 post so close together. That's what I'm talking about!!! woohoo on the piano...we love ours in our home. it's such a blessing. we have a cottontail story too. my dad rescued 2 in the cow pen so we tried keeping them alive, one died and one we nursed and it was strong...I read all those sites too but after the boys hand built the bunny cage I couldn't say no. He kept escaping and I was glad when he was finally gone!!

Kathy S said...

Somehow I missed the piano blessing... how awesome! PTL for kind parents.